In Burma the mutually ruinous restraint by the swayer soldierly junta, began the identical day of the full-moon in Libra. During the day of the full-moon dignified energies are released as all right as destructive ones.

We are confronted in this humanities upraising near a deep, extreme resist concerning kindness versus anger and mental object.

Monks, nuns, students, and undisturbed crowds, combat-ready for ideology and state , were abused and iridescent dead, and the combat is not completed yet.

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It has happened before: in attendance was a violent upraising in 1988 in Burma, but beside a diametrical scenario, it was virtually unseen. Today, acknowledgement to the Media and Internet, acknowledgment to the bloggers, photographers, video makers, the violent growing of the protesters was seen decussate the world . In malevolence of the martial junta which blacked out the Internet connections, there will be e'er a few plucky individual who will get the word out, causation abroad photos, e-mails or videos.

We can recognize, now, that we are witnessing an humanities moment:"Spirit versus Matter at its worst level".

This blast-off of independence, mysticism and the dominant large-scale feedback has to do with Uranus in the signed of Pisces as all right as Neptune in Aquarius. This, in Astrology, is named a "Mutual Reception," substance that these planets are in each-others motion and, they forcefully act one another.

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The surprising joining by the nuns in this scenario, put markedly inflection on Aquarius and Uranus and on equal human rights. Brothers and Sisters acting both.

The elusive all-powerfulness of Neptune has penetrated minds and long whist of the integral worldwide and the colour "bronze", has afloat the transnational media. This situation is "impressing" a new sensibility on peoples consciousness, fetching everybody by bewilderment and involving one and all.

This mystic-political upraising has happened all of a sudden (Uranus in Pisces).
With the backing of the broad-based net-work of the media, each of us has been catapulted into a far apart rustic (Pluto stationary in Sagittarius). Bringing us into the protest, and we germinate in kindness and notice.

Very only just attitudes have denatured to magical and spiritual discrimination. Where was the eyesore when Mahatma Gandhi was fasting, or later, when the Tibetan monks were beingness persecuted. Today attitudes have changed - nowadays the partition betwixt social relation and the religious international has fallen. This is a vast tread towards a greater horizontal of societal consciousness, for the period of the societies of the worldwide.

The word is now screening the full planetary how reticular we all are. The concoction of Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune, is dynamic this cumulative power: political relation (Pluto/Uranus) and spiritualty (Neptune).

Monks and nuns are responding, next to an unthought-of determination, to the effects of the Uranus in Pisces, which is able to synthesise the two Pisces (Spirit and Matter) in a fully new formula.

The personalty of the planets go near the evolution and malignancy of the total world. They are able to confer birth to new forms of spirituality, on a winning streak the socialist quality provisions. They are cathartic an large central vigour and strength, cave in old ways of flesh and blood spiritualty in the masses, and golf shot it to slog in day after day actions. The riot in Burma will be an rousing and motivating activity towards freedom. Joy, pluck and property are entangled.

This mutual-reception between planets and signs, occurs when a status-quo has suddenly imperfect.

Thousands monks are once in prison, outdone and tortured, but they say: "We are cheerful because the Light is coming!" The light of impersonal Love, portrayed by Neptune in Aquarius, embodied by monks and nuns, is able to be anchored in a governmental and universal protestation. This is entirely a new get nearer which dawns the Aquarian Age.



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